Wednesday, 21 January 2015

DeadMoth Comic

This is title page for my comic strip  that came about from a previous illustration course. It's planned for an anthology of comic strips by different artist/ writers local to oxford that should come out soon... hopefully.

Contributors are:
Charles Cutting& Richard Hayes
Matt Lewis
Andrew Stillborn (Stilly)
Mark Fox
and me

Two of the comic strips ( mine and Matt's) came about from the comic book course I attended in late 2014 run by Charles Cutting.

It was started purely as an exercise to include specific elements that were discussed that would make a comic strip interesting and lead the reader on.
Some of those elements were setting the mood and changing it, how to convey characters when in dialogue,  introducing new characters, both supportive and antagonistic, while adding various twists and turns and a cliff hanger ending.

From the discussions and results of the exercises Charles came up with three basic storyline ideas. From this we picked one and developed it  further with the plan of keeping it between 6 to 8 pages.
Since finishing the strip there's been ideas of concluding the story and as I had never intended to do so I needed to put thinking cap on. After working out the conclusion I decided to add two more pages to the first part. The first is to give it a title/ splash page because I felt it needed it and a second page I inserted when there was a lull in action, to help with continuing the next part of the story ( not shown).
So this title page is one of 9 completed pages for the first part of my contribution. The second part should be about 8 pages and will conclude the story. I've pencilled four of these pages and after finishing them will move on to the rest.