Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mythical Creatures from the Orient

I had to take a break from the mma caricatures recently. I had a sudden request from Brian (fat boy with the bomb author) to do some work for him and when that was over it was time for a quick holiday in Wales which was really nice and the weather was fantastic.

Since returning I'd been getting a portfolio together for the London book fair, which I went to on Wednesday. The place, Olympia, was huge and I bumped into an illustrator friend of mine and we visited the exhibitions together and made new friends. It feels a lot less daunting when in a group.

Now back and getting ... ahem... organised, I thought I would pin up a couple of line drawings.

The dragon was drawn a while ago and I turned it into a water colour that can be seen from a previous blog entry. The second, although more recent, is a follow up on a similar theme concerning oriental myths.
Monkey annoying the kylin
I know the kylin is supposed to have hooves and a deer body type but I wanted to give it claws and a more powerful look. I'll try and complete the set when I can.

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