Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bury Knowle Library

This is an ink drawing I recently finished. I thought with the recent painting of the museum out of the way it'll be nice to draw another building, or at least finish one I started a while ago.
This was started a few summers ago when Angela had Ellie for the morning and I had some time to myself, so went and drew the Local library. I spent maybe an hour or so sketching it out in my sketch book purely as a practice piece, but looking at it again last summer I felt I wanted to take it further so traced it onto watercolour paper with the notion of painting it when I had the time. Instead while, inking it, I liked the effect the paper had on the ink lines so decided to leave it uncoloured. I left it unfinished due to other things going on and completely forgot about it until Angela said she'd like to hang it up at her office, so I dug it out and finished it, now it's mounted and framed ready for her to take to work.

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