Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Jonny Ives and submissions for St Just's Freedom Exhibition

With the summer holidays over it's back to the grind.
 I thought I'd put up this caricature I painted in the summer of Jonathan Ives editor of the Leisure review

I meet Jonny through our daughter's ballet class where afterwards the children clamber into the.... basket?... of his bike and he cycles up the hill to the café where they all run riot and let off some steam. I thought about a more humorous portrayal at first, thanks to some of the Photos Jonny kindly passed on to me, but decided against it as it wouldn't be very flattering.

This took 3 and a half  hours of work in the end.
Next is a submission for St Just
They're mainly pieces I 'd already put up but there are some new ones I specifically did on the theme they'd set  'Freedom'
I took inspiration from Norman Rockwell's illustrations of Franklin D. Roosevelt's 4 freedoms:
Freedom of Speech
Freedom to Worship
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear ..
and added and over bearing leader watching in the background.

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