Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Time twisters

Back in November, After finding out that I came second in the Thought bubble competition with Monkfish , I thought I'll  try and not waste the opportunity while down there and enter another competition that goes on at the event. This is the 2000 AD competition.

As I hadn't planned to go to Thought Bubble I rushed to get the sample ready.

 Unfortunately  when I got there I missed the entry for the competiton. The good thing was that the feed back was positive with some areas of improvement needed (some of the figures are looking a bit rubbery) and consideration to the flow and rhythm of the panelling. One thing I needed to consider more is how the emphasis on the characters switch through the story. As one of the main characters is killed off midway through the story I didn't make enough emphasis on the remaining character.

Time permitting I would really like to revisit this sample as I can clearly see where the changes I would make are.

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