Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some competition work

With "The Fat boy with the bomb" book drawing to a close and with it being the half term, now is a good time for a short break and maybe get myself a bit more organised.

Just prior to the "Fat boy" book I had this plan to concentrate on re-vamping some work, but due to time, that that fell by the way side. The other thing to do was to enter a couple of competitions.

I did manage to do the competitions... well one of them as it was finished and sent not long after I met Brian OConnell (writer of Fat Boy with the Bomb).

The competition was set by Titan Comics Teams Up with LICAF for Undiscovered Talent Search.

My submission piece was about a monkey sent into space (attached is pages 2and 3).

Even though I didn't win I've been informed that my work has been selected  and will be published in the anthology. This in itself is quite a big thing for me and I look forward to seeing it published.

The second competition http://www.theguardian.com/books/series/observer-graphic-short-story-prize
I'm not sure if I managed to get the submission in on time but the Fat boy book was the priority. The work was heavily constrained due to time so I can only hope. Attached is one of the pages.
Regardless I hope these two submissions will lead me on to some new work prospects.
Now my current focus is to get a bit organised and contend with some existing projects one of which is Deadmoth.
Deadmoth is kind of an anthology though some of the stories are completed and some, like mine are not. My strip for it was illustrated earlier this year but due to some hiccups the publishing of Deadmoth stalled for a bit.
This is a page from the first part of my story and I have 2 more instalments roughed out to finish it. Next to it is the cover art for Deadmoth (Still to be coloured). I drew this with the purpose of  featuring a main character from each strip. As they are all stylistically different and would look out of place with each other I had them gather round a common focal point.
With any luck Deadmoth this will be out by early 2015

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