Thursday, 11 February 2016

Cycle of violence submission part 1.

This is the pencils for my next 2000AD submission, based on their sample script "Cycle of Violence"

The work was done in my spare time, spread over about 3 weeks since I got back from Thought Bubble.
 With this sample I took some liberties with this script and didn't follow the descriptions too strictly but the original narrative should still fit with what I've done. 

I had previously roughed out the pages following the descriptions and panels closely but felt the images were disjointed and didn't really connect from one panel to another which is something Tom Foster said about my competition entry at Thought bubble. Whereas in thought bubble it was my own choice of images, this time I felt it might be the descriptions of the images.

So with that in mind my approach was to first, break this story down and for me it fell into 3 parts.
Chapter 1 starts in the middle of a crime and finishes with the main character( the boy) surviving the event.
Chapter 2, the boy enrols, graduates and establishes himself as a Judge.
Chapter 3, he encounters the crime that breaks him and ultimately leads to his death at the hands of his former saviour.

Second I read through each chapter and tried my best to edit the written descriptive sequence to fit what I thought would make a better visual sequence.

Notable changes is that I fit the whole of chapter one into the first page and condensed the first 3 and a half panels into the starting image (below), allowing for dialogue and title.

In chapter 2, first page (below left), panel 2, I wanted show what was in the narrative that the boy physically excels though he's a loner.  Panel 4, he's not contemplating his revenge in bed but straight after getting his head flushed in the loo in panel 3.  Panel 5, instead of already having laid out one of the bullies I thought his approaching them would contrast nicely with panel 6. Second page (below right), panel 1 he's walking away from a disciplinary with a sneer and the beaten bullies can be seen in the background.

Chapter 3 I did a lot of changes here. The written descriptive goes as follows: 1.found dead body, 2.mug shot, 3. interrogation (though the narrative is about the suspect going free), 4.the young Judge isn't happy, 5. suspect is followed, 6. picture of the city looking vast.
My visual sequence(above) is 1, found dead body.  2. young Judge arrests suspect. 3. suspect goes free and young Judge looks on not happy.  4. he follows suspect.  5. young Judge's attention is diverted to another victim of crime and can only watch the suspect walk away.
And on the middle panels of the last page he turns away and sees his reflection. I couldn't figure how to do that with one panel so split that into 2.
The original script can be down loaded from the 2000AD site.
Since finishing this entry I've now finished the inks and that will be part 2 of this when I get the time to blog it.

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