Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cycle of Violence Submission part 2

This is the final inked artwork for cycle of violence with a very few tweaks here and there from the original pencils. Most notably I added a ceiling and sky lights in page 2 panel 2 to give the impression that the character is inside an indoor training complex and also widened that panel for dialogue. Also, on the last panel of the last page I trimmed the image so it doesn't bleed off the page

Looking back at it now after a couple of weeks away from it, I can take some pros and cons regarding the work.
 I'm happy with the layouts of the images and the flow of the sequences... maybe could do with more over head shots such as page 5 panel 1. 
I felt I really got into the story, but in doing so I didn't keep strictly to the descriptions for the script ( I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. I think I'll put up the pages with the text on my next entry. That'll give me another point of view regarding the strength of this piece).
I think my pencils from before could probably be a bit cleaner and defined and like wise my inks as shown above are a bit on the rough side, more solid blacks should be used and cleaner lines in certain areas.
Looking at the work on screen and shrunken down, the cleanness and contrast of page 4, panel 3 and possibly page2, panel 1 stick out to me as a positive, the other panels look very cluttered and less defined, a bit overworked by lines.   
Anyway I'll have to wait for the feed back. The samples have been sent.... so fingers crossed. 

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