Thursday, 16 January 2014

2000 Ad submission

A while back, prior to the work for Tom Muzzell I submitted a sample to 2000 AD from their Tales of Teleguuth script.
I got some feed back which I think was positive with only two points of criticism:
1. some panels were a bit too busy and, as a result, the foreground blended into the background  a bit.
 2. Some of the figures seemed a bit stiff.

It's motivated me to try another submission which I've started and am currently inking but had to put on hold due to being a bit swamped with work.
To get round the figures appearing stiff I've since changed to using a brush instead of a fine liner. In fact this is the last work I inked exclusively with a fine liner pen. The werewolf and Copier strips were inked by brush.
Attached is pages 1 to 4 from my submission.

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