Sunday, 26 January 2014

I've recently started looking at old work and thought I'd re-draw them again with a focus on some of the weaknesses of the previous illustrations, as well as also trying to keep the brushwork consistent with my more recent work.

The comic strip I chose for this was originally drawn in around 2002/03 ish ..( I can't remember exactly when) for Underfire comics based in Brighton.

It's a six page story called "A Weekend Away" scripted by Amsel Von Spreckelsen

I thought I'd show each page with old next to new to look at the comparison and note some of the changes.

The old one's on the left, drawn with fine liners and the new one's on the right inked with brush.

There's probably not much to say on these two apart from more consideration to the details of the environment and use of perspective. As a scene setter and following Amsel's script, there's not much I would change regarding composition.

My next entry will look at page 2

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