Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Weekend Away page 2

Continuing to improve on a previous comic strip.

As with before the new version is on the right.

Panel 1 I moved the figures close in and kept them out of the shadows, I always thought they looked a bit sinister casting a long shadow in the first version.

Panel 2 is very similar to previous but with the main light source coming from the doorway, just to make it seem more like evening time

The main scene is less cluttered with the improved perspective and everything just seems cleaner.

Panel 4 I zoomed in on the people, usually  I would leave room for dialogue but as there wasn't any for this panel I decided that this would be a better composition. I liked the idea of the lady being centred, makes her seem... important.

Panel 5 I zoomed out so the character doesn't become too squashed in. I kept the expression neutral. A face slurping soup probably isn't very flattering.

Overall It's still very similar just more consideration here and there.

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