Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Continued from the Korky Paul Illustration course.

I've finished my first Double page spread
I had some doubts regarding it so held off painting the second one.
Though I'm fairly happy with it. The general consensus on the course is that the technique or method doesn't suit it as it's a bit old fashioned. To compare it with the rough below.

The coloured one looks a bit muted whereas the rough has potentially a starker contrast.
I think I have this mentality of trying to hide the ink lines when I paint in colour or at least trying to blend them into the painting. For this project It doesn't work.
The other criticism is that the narrator (sloth) is not engaging with the reader and when I think about. It is how I intended it to be but it doesn't work. It's presence is very subtle and doesn't stand out enough.

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