Thursday, 6 March 2014

Korky Paul Course part 3
Back to the roughs, taking on board the previous criticisms, I went back to developing the opening image with the narrator/ sloth facing the reader and inking the images properly

 Korky was happy with it and so I worked this and the second DPS up in inks ready for colouring, He said he'd never seen this story broken down into a comic book format before and seemed really happy with the way it was coming together. I just hope the colouring works out better than my last attempt.

Overall I'm really happy with the way things are going, the words and pictures seem to flow well together and the art work, up to the inking stage, is consistent with my recent comic strips,

To finish for now, here is my rough draft for the 3rd DPS. I think it's almost there with a few little tweaks.

I intended the witch to start out as shown above, kind of obscure, before being revealed in the next pages. But interestingly Korky really liked the way the she is depicted here and said she should be presented like this throughout the story.

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