Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Korky Paul course part 4

Korky Paul course part 4

Running into the last couple of sessions on this course and things are going very well, I have two completed spreads and part way through the third He gave me some very good advice to improve my watercolour technique and how to manipulate the medium.

Korky seems happy with them and okayed me to start on the next one, so I'm trying to develop and finish this third and final one for the end of the course. Of course it doesn't really matter if I don't but I'd like to if I can.
The third one is going well Korky approved the final rough as shown below, though the frog going "plop"(3rd panel) needs a slight tweak as well as the one looking puzzled (4th Panel).

The first page of this spread is very different from what I posted before ( ) and it's really down to the text. I initially intended a big fall from the frog but it seem to illustrate a "crash" rather than the subtlety of  "a bump and a plop" which is what's written. So I changed it.
It's also nice that Korky agreed with the change as he had a similar idea of the frog having a big fall as well.
One of the most positives I received was for the image of the witch. The inspiration for it is from a distant memory of the witch (Calypso) in Todd Macfarlane's spiderman story - Torment (early 90s?). I don't have the comic anymore and I googled the image but couldn't find the one in my head.
This one came up:
but the one I remembered was really dark almost a silhouette.
I guess this is an example of drawing from memories of past images that I've seen. 
Anyway time's ticking to get this last one done


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