Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Korky Paul course part 5

Well the course is finished now and I just failed to get the final DPS finished. Something came up and I wasn't able to put in the hours until a couple of days before the final lesson with Korky.

I came close I'd finished the final inks as shown below and also a preliminary wash with watercolours(not shown).

And below the finished one in colour completed the morning after the last session
The main difference between this and the rough from my last post is that I took out the sloth in panel two, it was a bit crowded, and the frog in panel four is holding it's leg as if something is wrong.
On the whole  I'm pleased with the results and using watercolour has also been a lot of fun and I will pursue this medium further. Coming from a background in oil painting I do find a lot of differences I need to get used to, namely the drying time and the way the each medium flows.  I may revisit the mole in the corner of panel three. He seems to stand out too much and could use a darker wash to knock him back a little. He's a character, to be introduced later on, that witnessed the frog's encounter with the witch.
Concerning the course it's been a very good learning experience and I feel it's given me a great deal to think about and a lot of confidence to move forward. In fact I already have plans for my next children's book project, but I wont be starting that until mid May. I'm trying to prepare some work in the meantime for the Bristol Comics festival on May 10th.

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