Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dragon and princesses

While getting on with some submission pieces I decided to relax a little and practice a bit more with watercolour. I gave myself a goal so it had to be a finished piece (to a certain degree). And to make sure I didn't spend too long on them I gave myself a specific deadline which were based on recent birthdays.

The first one is a Dragon for an old friend.

 I experimented with a off white paper that isn't manufactured as an art paper. It makes the black ink bleed creating an effect that I like but it's not noticeable at this size. Maybe for smaller drawings it might make more of an impact.

Now the Princesses for my daughter
I used the same paper but combined the watercolour with liquid acrylic. I found it very hard to manipulate but on the plus side opacity was good and mistakes could be fixed as I was colouring.
I don't think it was as successful as the dragon but it was a good learning experience (and my daughter really likes it, but I suspect it's because of the subject matter).

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