Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Caricatures Rowdy Ronda and H-bomb Henderson

Carrying on from previous mma caricatures I decided to draw the UFC's current women's bantamweight champ 'Rowdy ' Ronda Rousey. She's arguably the most popular and recognisable MMA fighter at the moment and that includes when standing by her male counterparts. Rousey is a medallist in the Olympics for judo and fans gave her the nick name 'Arm collector' as she finished her first 11 bouts (amateur and professional) by armlock. Her 'Rowdy' nickname came from love of pro wrestling and she asked Rowdy Roddy Piper if she took the same nick name.   

Next to Rousey is Dan Henderson, a two time Olympian in wrestling. Henderson has an impressive fight record and won some of the most notable championships.At 44 he's still extremely dangerous. He's had many nicknames in the past, 'Dangerous', 'Hollywood', 'Decision' and recently just Hendo. He has an iron jaw and explosive right hand. Due to this his fans have nicked named his right hand 'H-Bomb'.

Ronda is probably be the last one I'll colour on computer for the fighters. I wanted to concentrate on watercolour as seen on the Hendo piece. I have a few caricatures to do for an old friend and needed the final artwork to be coloured for framing. They're work in progress at the moment but can be seen below.

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