Saturday, 6 June 2015

Oxford Art Prize- unfinished

For this competition I thought I'd work in my most comfortable medium, which is oils. However due to the extended drying time I thought it'd be wise to begin in a faster drying medium such as acrylic. I didn't want to take a wet painting onto the bus.
This is my unfinished effort for the day of the competition. I got to the site fairly early and managed to get my first choice of where I wanted to draw from. The prep work to determine where I wanted to draw from can be seen on my facebook page. This is almost 6 hours of work.

 About 3.5 hrs of measuring and pencil lines before the last 2.5 hrs going over with thin acrylic paint. This way I won't lose the detail before I start adding colour as pencil lines on primed surfaces tend to smudge and disappear very easily.

 I pretty happy with the painting although parts of it looks a little empty. This is because I  left out the foliage of the centre tree and the foliage from the trees on the right. I just didn't think I needed to add them in at this stage. I felt the details I need before adding colour are now in place.

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